Haat (Rural Bazaars)

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The delightful and colourful bazaars of Rajasthan still have the distinct easy-going atmosphere, typical of the medieval times. Nothing much seems to have changed till today - not even the commodities in the market.

The numerous fairs and festivals in this sparsely populated state are essentially an opportunity for people from far and wide to converge and shop.

In the electrically charged cacophonic atmosphere, one can pick up exotic trinkets, beads, bangles, old tribal silver jewellery, a range of handicrafts and of course, animals. 

This is true of the towns and cities as well. Chaotic and noisy, people jostling against each other, stray cows butting in, lots of bargaining....

In the old days, the bazaars were segmented product-wise. An entire lane of lac bangle makers, a market of utensil makers and so on. Although a few stray shops have cropped up, the tradition continues to date.



Complete information about Rajasthan


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