Governor of Rajasthan

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    His Excellency Justice Anshuman Singh
    Governor of Rajasthan

    The present Governor of Rajasthan Shri Justice Anshuman Singh (Retd) who is the 14th Governor of Rajasthan was born in Allahabad(U.P) on 7th July, 1935. He was awarded L.L.B degree from the University of Allahbad in 1957. He took the oath of office of Governor on 16th January, 1999.

    With a deep interest in Legal field, Shri Justice Anshuman Singh started practice as Advocate in the District Court Allahbad in 1957, at the young age of 22. After ten years of successful career, he joined as an Advocate at the prestigious Allahbad High Court in 1968.

    His devotion and commitment to Justice won him an appointment as the Government Advocate in 1976 in Allahbad High Court in 1968.

    He was appointed in 1980 as the Senior Standing Counsel for the Government of India. After that he was appointed as Judge of  the Allahbad High Court in 1984. He became President of the High Court  Ministerial Staff Association, Allahabad in July, 1984 and continued on the said post for 10 years till he was transferred to Rajasthan High Court. After his transfer he resigned from the said post.

    Under his stewardship, many social welfare schemes were introduced for the welfare of employees of Allahbad High Court. They included establishment of a full-fledged dispensary, subsidised canteen, a fair price shop and creation of many avenues of promotions of the ministerial staff to higher cadres. In 1990, he was appointed Administrative Judge of the Allahbad High court.

    His career took an upward turn when Shri Anshuman Singh after 37 years of brilliant career as a lawyer and a jurist was transferred to Rajasthan High Court as a Senior Judge in the year 1994. Two years later, in 1996 he was appointed the Administrative Judge of the Rajsthan High court and continued on the same post till 7th July, 1997 when he retired. It is noteworthy that during the period from 1994 to 1997 he was appointed as acting Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court four times. On 7th April, 1998 he was appointed Executive Chairman of the "Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority". His long service to the cause of Justice was rewarded when he was appointed as the Governor of Gujarat on 17th April, 1998.


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